The History of Bingo

image for articleMost people enjoy playing Bingo in the company of family and friends. It is a fun way to spend time with those you love. However, very seldom if ever does anyone think about its origin. The general belief is that the game has its origin in Italy, more specifically, in the Italian lottery. Many Italians have enjoyed playing the lottery on Saturday since it started in 1530. It soon gained popularity, and by the 1770s, the lottery had become popular within the French elite circles.

Originally, the cards consisted of nine vertical columns and three horizontal rows. Each row contained nine squares of which four were blank and five contained numbers. The squares were not in any particular order. Each square in each column contained a number. The first column started with number 1and ended with the last box being number 10. Subsequently, the second column contained numbers 11-20 and so on. It ended with the last column containing numbers 81 to 90.

Each player had a card. A person would place 90 wooden chips, numbered 1 through 90, in a bag. He would then pull out the chips one at a time. The first player that covered all the boxes in a horizontal row with chips would win the prize.

image for articleThe game had become popular throughout Europe as early as the 1800s and led to the development of other educational games, which became important tools in teaching children vital lessons. Children were able to learn their numbers in a fun and entertaining environment.

In the 1800, the game known as beano became Bingo only due to a mishearing. According to the history of bingo, some people were playing the game at a carnival in Atlanta, while a toy dealer from New York observed. As people would win, they would call out beano. The toy dealer thought they were saying bingo, and beano became history.

Once the game reached the United States, it continued to evolve until it became the Bingo everyone enjoys today. In the present day, Bingo is still a popular game. You can find Bingo in casinos and even on the Internet. There are also Bingo tournaments and Bingo parlors.

Although Bingo had its humble beginnings back in the 1700s, it has endured and evolved to the point that it is now the most well-liked and most popular game worldwide. Bingo is great entertainment for everyone, whether you try your luck at playing for a few cents or as a contestant at Bingo tournaments.

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